"Don't just follow your dreams, Hunt them down and make them a reality!"

Patience is a Virtue


patienceMost things that are good in life require patience. Not very often does something worth having come easy. These are lessons I’ve learned my entire life and they hold true in football, hunting and in life. When running a route in football, if I rush the route it throws off the timing of the QB, can give my route away to the defender and sometimes just put me flat out of position for the ball. In hunting, if I rush a shot most times it will be off the mark resulting in a wounded animal or clean miss. If I’m trying to get to my stand too quickly I can bump any animals in the area out unlike if I took my time and snuck in undetected.

The last few days have really been testing my patience. Even though I’m an avid hunter and absolutely love to bow hunt, I’ve never owned my own brand new bow. I’ve always used hand me downs or borrowed from friends and relatives. I finally decided it was time to change that and ordered a new bow late last week and the shipping was suppose to be in yesterday and definitely by today. Well, still no bow and I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited to receive a package. The delivery service is definitely testing my patience and I can only guess that they are trying to teach me a lesson.  If patience is a virtue and nothing good comes easy this will probably be the bow of the century! Stay tuned for more posts on what bow I bought and the accessories I’ll be equipping it with. Lots of phone calls and research went in to this decision so you won’t want to miss it!

Draft Weekend

Well, I wish this were a post celebrating a team that I had been drafted by. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Amidst family and friends a couple weekends ago I watched the NFL draft clock tick down without my name being called. It was definitely a disappointment and I could see it on all of […]


Leasing Vs Buying

At the conclusion of this year, I’m looking into leasing a few properties in Southwest Wisconsin and South Central Iowa. Both are in giant buck country and are great properties. I’ve either taken a trophy buck or have seen a trophy buck be taken off of both the properties. The picture above is a buck […]


Capturing The Moment

If you hunt, you have an unimaginable love for the outdoors and a strong respect for nature and the wildlife that you are pursuing. The amount of time, money, work, dedication and luck that goes into having the opportunity to harvest a trophy animal is much more than words can say. So when that moment […]